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We firmly believe in offering high quality services to our clients, for the 5-star treatment that your carpets deserve. Hence, we use nothing but the most advanced carpet cleaning systems to guarantee that your carpets are treated with premium care and attention.

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Our Promise To You

If there’s one thing we want to tell you, it’s that Carpet Cleaning Ipswich is ready to serve you! Cleaning is not always a pleasant task, and may sometimes be a hassle. So let us do all the time-consuming work for you. Our top priority is the satisfaction of our clients, and to leave behind a positive experience for them. That’s why we always make sure that we provide each client unique approaches to meet their needs.

Whether you are selling your property, or you just want to freshen it up, we always ensure that you are satisfied with your experience. Which is why we tailor the services we offer based on the needs of our clients. As a business that has many years of experience, combined with our love of people and pets, our promise to our clients is to always prioritise and focus on the best quality of service possible. We guarantee your satisfaction when you choose our professional carpet cleaning services.

Our Services

There is no longer a need for you to ask who the best carpets cleaner near you, is.

Carpet Cleaning Ipswich offers to you the most reliable, honest, and experienced carpet cleaning services. Our goal is to be the place you can go to in Ipswich for all services that has to do with cleaning, so you can put your trust on us to look after everything for you.

The needs of our customers’ are always our main concern, so be sure to contact us today for a no-obligation free quote.

We're environmentally friendly and family conscious

We do not want to compromise the quality of our service, hence we not only use the best cleaning products but also ones that are composed of environmentally friendly ingredients.

The carpet cleaning products that we use are personally handpicked from high quality and top-rated for the industry. Because we want to make sure that we have complied with the most up to date industry guidelines, in order to provide our clients with a reliable service. We use this along with the most state of the art cleaning equipment for cleaning methods that are efficient and reliable. The machines that we use also provides the safest cleaning, and can be trusted to remove any bacteria, grime and dirt to clean your home.

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We're transparent and up to date.

We do not want to compromise your safety, so we always select the products that we use with that in mind, and hold ourselves to the highest degree of standards. We are most certain that you can be confident that you are receiving the best services possible with our most up-to-date methods relevant to the cleaning industry. We always keep up to date with regards to the latest standards, and educate ourselves of the changes in order for our team to provide to each and every one of our clients a service that exceeds the set standards.

Detail orientated

We at Carpet Cleaning Ipswich takes pleasure in relieving you of the stress that cleaning entails, leaving you satisfied of our services. We want your home or business to be healthy, clean, and fresh and we won’t leave until they are. Every job will be approached with complete attention to detail and will provide you with all types of options available for the kind of cleaning needed.

We take pride in providing you with excellent service, and building a long-lasting relationship, and the guarantee that there won’t be any surprises on the costs or the service.

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Carpet cleaning

Providing the best carpet cleaning services in the area is our main goal at Carpet Cleaning Ipswich. Our customers will be provided with the highest quality of environmentally friendly carpet cleaning services. Our carpet cleaning solutions will include a hot water extraction system, a recommended solution by carpet manufacturers, to get rid of the fibres of dirt, grime, dust, and bacteria.

Our carpet cleaning services will make sure that your carpets are taken care of, removing any pet stains, food & drink spills, and odours. A HEPA filtered vacuuming will be used, which specialises in environmentally friendly cleaning, leaving behind fresh smelling and clean carpets.

Wanting to have a stain removed, or just to freshen up your dirty rugs? No need to worry because our rug cleaning services can clean all types of rugs. Be sure to give us a call today, to know more about our carpet and rug cleaning services.

Pet odour and stain removal

Why are your carpets so dirty?

Despite regularly cleaning your carpets (and pets), pet hairs can still easily be trapped within the fibres of the carpet and furniture. Pet hair tends to easily get trapped on all types of surfaces, despite heavy vacuuming. There is also the dirt and oils that sticks to the feet of your pet which attaches to the carpets and flooring, which becomes odorous over time.

The mere cleaning of the surface of the carpet will not suffice if it is contaminated with pet urine and odour. Carpets are composed several layers which can also be affected, these layers are the topical, carpet backing, carpet padding, and the sub-floor. Unfortunately, your sub-floor can still be reached by the pet stains, and not all treatments can guarantee the complete removal of the odour and stains. These ‘doggy smell’ is being given off by the excess sebum that is being left on the surface. We will be using tools and products that can reach all the way to the bottom layer of the sub-floor, and deodorise the contaminants, eliminating the source of the odour.

How to get rid of pet odour

Your dogs and cats love to spend outdoors, walking on many different surfaces like dirt, grass and the like, these dirt particles and allergens would stick to their paws and which later on contaminates that carpets and other surfaces. It is also the main reason why there is a smell left behind on your carpets, and over time there is an accumulation of these particles on parts of the carpet that are being used frequently resulting to smells, dirt and other particles that also affects the cleanliness of the carpet. Carpet Cleaning Ipswich specialised in the removal of pet stains and ‘spots’ that appear different parts of your home. We effectively remove pet odour and stains from your carpets, upholstery, and rugs using 100% pet friendly treatment, and make sure that your family and furry friends are always safe from any toxic products.

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Tile and grout cleaning

If you need to clean your ceramic tile and grout, we at Carpet Cleaning Ipswich got you covered! We assure our clients that regardless of the kind of tile surface, we always attempt to make sure that they end up looking like its former glory. We are highly trained and experienced in working on all types of tile surfaces, and ensuring that we use only the safest products for tile and grout cleaning.

Cleaning your tiles by hand is going to be difficult and tricky, and cleaning the grout can be very time-consuming. Mopping will only push the dirt particles into the grout where they’ll accumulate over time, and would also become increasingly difficult to clean. Instead, we’ll be using techniques that will allow us to return your tiles and grout to its original colour, restoring them to their former glory. A clear sealant will be applied as a finishing coat once we’re done cleaning and deodorising your tiles, to ensure that the grout lines remain clean for the longest time possible.

You will need more than just soap, mop, and some elbow grease to clean your tiles and grout. All the dirt and grease that will accumulate over time will form hard layers into the tiles’ surfaces and pores of the grout, causing an unpleasant discolouration.

Carpet Cleaning Ipswich will be using a steam-based technology with the most up-to-date cleaning methods, high pressure rinsing and vacuuming for all of our Tile and Grout services. We take great pride in restoring what used to look old and dirty, to something that is brand new, fresh and welcoming. You ceramic and porcelain tiles will be protected from any stains and mildew by a ceramic sealer and a grout sealant.

Upholstery cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Ipswich specialised in providing the best upholstery cleaning services in the area. These services involve the removal of all soil, dirt, oils, and allergens from the fabric of your furniture and upholstery. We are experienced enough in upholstery cleaning, and are well-equipped to clean all types of surfaces and materials. We have cleaned all styles and types of dining and reclining chairs, and are able to clean many styles of fabric on sofas, couches and the like. We can also deodorise your surfaces and apply a fabric and stain guard which will act as a protective layer to help resist stains and dirt.

You upholstered furniture often comes in several types of surfaces and materials, but regardless we at Upholstery Cleaning, Ipswich services can handle all types. Each type will require different techniques based on the type of material that we are cleaning. We provide a specialised approach in dealing with all the types of surfaces, and make sure that the integrity of the material with respect to its colour and stability of the fabric is maintained. Whatever type of upholstery you have, we are confident that we can do it.

Whatever type of upholstery you may have, we are here to clean it for you. We have our specialised services which will be provided to you including a soil and stain resistance solution, and deodorising services. Our goal is to keep your upholstery brand new looking, and provide it with the protection to enhance and extend the fabric surfaces’ life and retain the integrity of the fibres.

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Hardwood floor cleaning

As time passes, your floorboards will begin losing it finish, and would look old and dingy from all the dirt, grime, and dust embedded into it. Our Hardwood floor cleaning services, Ipswich are adept at cleaning all types of hard floor surfaces. We use state-of-the-art wood floor cleaning techniques in loosening all the dirt, and extracting them from your wooden floors. Our specialised equipment and safe cleaning solutions are effective in providing deep cleaning of your hard surfaces, to help restore their original look.

Bringing your hardwood floors back to life is our main goal by providing that shine to give them that brand new look. After the deep cleaning process, a protective layer will be provided to ensure that your floors stay vibrant and shiny. Our re-coating process is also highly recommended to preserve and extend the life of your hardwood floors giving it a protective barrier from dirt and dust which allows regular mopping to clean your floors with ease.

How can I preserve my floors?

We recommend a regular interval of vacuuming and sweeping every week. Avoid the use of harsh soaps and waxes on the surface of your flooring. These products are abrasive and can be harsh on wooden floors, which compromises the condition of your wooden surfaces.

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We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction as we’re a firm believer of high quality service that we deliver.

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We want to make sure that our customers can always be confident with the services that we provide them. That’s why we want to establish ourselves as the number one carpet cleaning service provider in Ipswich, Queensland. Our customer service is one of the things that we always take pride in, we are always super friendly to everyone.

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We always do our best to do more than what is expected of us, and always strive to leave each and every household completely satisfied. We provide nothing but the most effective ways to eliminate stains, dirt, grime and allergens from you carpets and surfaces alike, without using harmful chemicals. We want you to know that choosing us is the right decision, we know that we need to earn your trust and it will not be wasted once you do. 

We are always careful, using protective clothing such as shoe covers where necessary, provide corner guards on you walls and furniture and all means necessary to help clean safely and effectively. We can also move small and medium-sized furniture for you.

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